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Total Service, Total Commitment

UOS is a Leer based shipping company, which provides commercial management, marketing, chartering & commercial operations services to the Offshore industry.

The core of our activities is the commercial management of the UOS Deepwater A Pool, which comprises a fleet of eleven Moss 424 h design anchor handlers.


Our ships are serving the Offshore industry at highest levels worldwide.

UOS secured a strong position in the business by optimising its fleet through skilful combination of time charters and spot contracts.

With the present size of our fleet and the unique vessel specification on offer, we provide extra ordinary safe, reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly services to the industry.

UOS will also be active in the new-building and project sector, where our partners and their international financial institutions rely on the market and contract expertise offered by the UOS team and its associated companies.

Where to find us

UOS is based in City of Leer, a picturesque city located near to the Northsea and next to the Dutch border. Leer has become the second biggest shipping place in Germany (next to Hamburg) in recent years. As of today there are more than several hundreds of ships either managed, owned or both out of Leer. The shipping sector is one major driver of the local economy in the North-Western part of Germany.

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