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  • Andre Groeneveld
    Managing Director

    After graduating as shipbroker with Hartmann Schiffahrt in 2001, worked for one year within the Hartmann Group in Germany and Cyprus.

    On finalizing studies at the German Foreign Trade and Transport Academy of Bremen (DAV) with a Business Economist degree (specialised in the field transports and logistics), worked for Intership Navigation Co. Ltd. in the Crewing Department and returned to Germany in 2005 to join GasChem Services.

    After two and half years in the gas market changed to UOS and as of January 1st, 2011 he was promoted to Managing Director at UOS.

    Foto Andre Groeneveld

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    Fax: +49 491 999 19 0 29
    Mail management@uos.ag

  • Capt. Reidar Roed
    Managing Director

    Capt. Reidar Roed commenced his Seaman career in 1969 and in 1980 he gained his license as Master Mariner and served on various types of vessels i.e. bulk cargo, tankers, Probo, combined Ro-Ro/bulk carriers, General Cargo vessels around the world.

    He also was working with World Wide leading Agency/Logistic companies as Wilhelmsen Maritime Service and Inchcape Shipping Services in Middle East, Ukraine and Nigeria as General Manager/Managing Director for several years.

    His previous position before joining UOS was with Interacid in Lausanne, Switzerland (which is part of Sumitomo Group) as Manager for Shipping & Trading Sulphur Division.

    In April 2010 he commenced in the position as Managing Director with UOS United Offshore Support.

    Foto Reidar Roed

    Contact: Tel.: +49 491 999 19 00
    Mob.: +49 151 126 746 94
    Fax: +49 491 999 19 0 29
    Mail management@uos.ag

  • Pawel Wasniowski
    Chartering Manager

    During studies at Maritime University of Szczecin started to work as Deck Cadet for Hartmann Group on general cargo vessels. He continued after receiving Bachelor's in Engineering and Master's in Science Diploma. Meantime was employed by Maritime University of Szczecin as Volunteer Lecturer. At that time continued studies at Technical University of Wroclaw staying mainly focused on Facaulty of Internet Technology, which led him to commence work as Senior IT Specialist at ARR, and IT consultant at MSP. After that returned to Shipping Industry, and took opportunity with an Aberdeen-based broker to work on North Sea offshore market.

    After two years in the offshore market came back to Hartmann family and joined UOS.

    As of January 1st, 2011 received proxy at UOS.

    Foto Pawel Wasniowski

    Contact: Tel.: +49 491 999 19 0 13
    Mob.: +49 151 57116876
    Fax: +49 491 999 19 0 29
    Mail chartering@uos.ag

  • Jann Klopp-Siefken

    After graduating as merchant of shipping with MTL, a Hartmann subsidiary in Duisburg, in 2004, he was employed at MTL as operator before moving to Hamburg to join GasChem Services in 2006, also a Hartmann subsidiary, to be part of the operations/chartering team.

    In 2009 he accepted a new challenge within the Hartmann Group and joined the fleet insurance - / operations department with Hartmann Schiffahrt in Leer.

    After nearly four years with Hartmann Schiffahrt he changed to United Offshore Support in May 2013 to work as operator for the Eastern Hemisphere, Mediterranean and Africas.




    Foto Jann Klopp-Siefken

    Contact: Tel.: +49 491 999 19 0 11
    Mob.: +49 151 443 435 83
    Fax: +49 491 999 19 0 29
    Mail ops@uos.ag

  • Lars Klüver

    After graduating as a merchant of shipping with Hartmann Schiffahrt in 2007, he was employed in the operations / insurance department of Hartmann Schiffahrt in Leer. In 2009 he moved to Hamburg and worked for the chartering/operations desk of United Container Carriers, a Hartmann subsidiary.

    In 2011 he returned to Leer and took over a new challenge at United Offshore Support to work as operator for North Sea and Western Hemisphere.




    Foto Lars Klüver

    Contact: Tel.: +49 491 999 19 0 16
    Mob.: +49 160 962 469 62
    Fax: +49 491 999 19 0 29
    Mail ops@uos.ag

  • Britta Hasenbeck
    Executive Assistant

    Britta Hasenbeck studied business economics at the University of Trier. After finishing her studies in 1998 with a Business Economist degree, she started to work at a real estate cooperative in Essen as Executive Assistant. There she was mainly responsible for Company Organization (organizational structure and workflow management) and Human Resource Management (personnel recruitment, personnel development and personnel administration). In May 2007 she took parental leave for three years and moved back to Papenburg with her family.

    In January 2011 she took a new challenge at United Offshore Support to work as Executive Assistant again.

    Foto Britta Hasenbeck

    Contact: Tel.: +49 491 999 19 00
    Fax: +49 491 999 19 0 29
    Mail info@uos.ag

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